interpret ::

- optics, physics, chemistry, electronics, spectacle design, medical, printing industry

- technical training in photography, electronics, mechanics, computer, car industry

- contract negotiations and trainings for an international pyrolysis project

- manpower-, balance sheet-, leagal negotiations and training at a Diamant grinding machine manufacturer

- guided tours at museums, companies, fairs, exhibitions, fashion shows, sports events, horticulture

translate ::

- patents, contracts

- semiconductors , electronics, printing industry, various industries

- IT, manuals

- tourism, hotel business

- orthopedics

- advertisment texts, catalogs, press material, manuals, presentation materials

- web pages

- mangas (Japanese comics), animes (Japanese animated films), computer games

- subtitles

projects ::

- travelogues (text & pictures) for airlines and online journals

- international exchange programs for students and adults

- environmental research, energy sector

- international communications and cooperation

- language course at VHS (Public High School) and private lessons, lectures (Japan) at VHS, schools, associations and churches

- entire business coordination for German companies (organisation and bookings, translation and interpretation, lectures and presentations)